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        USB Air Car Purifier

        USB air car purifier can effectively purify the air in the car, remove smoke, and kill bacteria and viruses. It can also be safely powered by simply plugging it into the USB port in the car.


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        Product Description

        Description &Specification Package&shipment
        Model No. EP204 Gift box:9.5x2.8x16.4CM
        Carton box:49"33 29C
        ty :100pcsCTN
        Unit price uss1.85
        Voltage Dc 5v
        Power <1w
        Lead time 30-40 days after receipt of depoist
        Delivery term FOB Ningbo,China
        Payment 30% depoist,70% paid after inspection before shipment
        Approval CE,RoHs
        Rated Voltage:DC 5v
        Rated Power:<1w
        Emission Head Voltage:-2.5:0.4 KV
        Anion Density:>3,000,0o0(pcslcm)
        Ozone Density:< 0.05 ppm
        Available Space:3m
        lnterface Type:USB
        Noise Level:29dBA
        Operating Temperature:-10°C~+50°C

        USB air car purifier, also called car air purifier, car air purifier, car air purifier, refers to the air purifier dedicated to the purification of odor, toxic and harmful gases, bacteria and viruses in the car air pollution.

        This USB air car purifier are also called vehicle purifiers or vehicle air purifiers, which are usually composed of high voltage generation circuit negative ion generators, breeze fans, air filters and other systems. Here's how it works: The breeze fan inside the machine (also called the ventilator) to make indoor air circulation flow, the air pollution through the air in the machine filter (filter) twice after all sorts of contaminant removal or adsorption, and then after installed in the outlet of anion generator (anion generator of high pressure work dc negative high voltage), the air ionization, produce a large number of negative ions, is the breeze out, The formation of negative ion air flow, achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air.

        USB Air Car Purifier Features:

        High efficiency purification method

        The active purification method of ion technology is more efficient than the passive purification method of table air purifier filter. Combined with multiple filters, the traditional passive purification method of firmly adsorbed dust can not purify every corner of the car, but the ion technology can solve this problem. A steady stream of ions from the on-board air purifier will reach every corner of the car and play a thorough purification effect.

        High strength bactericidal power

        To achieve high bactericidal strength, high quality ion technology is required. General vehicle air purifiers will use silver ion purification technology, low temperature plasma technology; The more advanced will use negative ion technology and photocatalyst technology; The more advanced ones use the net ion group technique.

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